Top 5 Travel tips for New Zealand: 

  1. Don’t pay for the GPS when renting  your camper van. It is normally a $50 extra fee. At that price you can buy the gps. Buy a Sim Card and use Google maps. I bought a sim through ‘Skinny‘! You can pick sim cards up at any grocery store. Google maps is up to date and ‘skinny’ has great service all over New Zealand.                                                skinny-sim-card-trio
  2. Know the difference between a regular camper van vs self contained. If you would like to freedom camp (free camping spots available through out New Zealand) Most freedom camping sites require the camper to be in a ‘self contained’. It might be worth the price difference to be in self contained, this way you can save more in the long run at camp sites.


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3. Download CamperMate app. This is a great way to find campsites where ever you are or heading and compare amenities.


4. Book popular attractions before you go. Hobbiton, glow worms, bungee jumping, etc. can be booked early. The last thing you want is to show up after driving and be turned away from one of the highlights of your trip.

5. Visit I-sites they are a great place for information and are all over New Zealand. They are really friendly and always willing to help out . Most have nice gift shops as well.






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