Mid Program: “A day in the life”

Normal Day

The best part about my time in Australia would have to be the people I have met. I am lucky enough to be living with all Australian Housemates in a student share house. My House is only a 10 min. walk from campus or 5 minutes by bicycle. My house is situated closest to the ‘Shortland’ side, which is where all my classes are.

Every morning I wake up to the sound of Australian birds. Kookaburras, Cockatoos, and Magpies. The only downside was magpie swooping season. If you are on a bike they will dive-bomb you. Happened to me a couple time, definitely not the happiest of experiences.

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I wake up, go have breakfast with my housemates and watch the You-tube channel ‘Good Mythical Morning’. Then I either catch a ride with one of my housemates or ride off to school on my bicycle. In Australia classes only take place twice a week. Luckily for me I was able to only take classes on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Most Wednesdays I would meet up at the coffee shop ‘Gloria Jeans’ with some of the other American and Australian friends I had made on campus. It turned into a weekly thing. Each time someone brings someone new and by the end we had a pretty large coffee group.

Reaching goals

So far I’m extremely happy with the goals I have set for this experience. Living with all Australians I really got to experience their culture and how they talk and live. You wouldn’t expect such differences between Australia and America, but they’re actually a lot. My housemates and I even had an argument on how to say simple words like ‘Parmesan’.

Interested in Studying at Newcastle, Australia ?

For more advice on connecting with the Australian culture I would check out my ‘Once you get here post. I listed out different clubs and opportunities for anyone else traveling abroad to take advantage of.

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