1. Micro Fiber Towel

These are great for showers, dishes, taking to the pool. Basically everything and they pack tight and dry quickly. You should be able to find one of these anywhere they have hiking gear.


  1. Battery Powered Lights

Not only are these great as a night light around your camper but they make it your own. If you are going to be traveling for a week+ making your camper van a little bit unique helps. They also don’t suck up your battery so you can see at night at the non powered sites.


  1. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t go spending a boatload of money on a speaker but if you do own one, bring it. Most campers only have speakers in the front so if you have more then two people, they don’t get to listen to any music in the back. Having the Bluetooth was load enough to sit between us four so we could all jam out.


  1. Gopro

I LOVE my GoPro. I was able to make a great video of our trip. New Zealand is full of adventure and rain. So bringing a non-waterproof camera would be stressful and GoPros  can be brought bungee jumping sorbing and document all your adventures where you normally cannot bring cameras.


  1. Car USB port

You’re not always going to have a powered site. So having a dual car charging port was a lifesaver to charge batteries on phones, cameras, and speakers while reaching each destination.



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