Seattle -> Paris -> Munich


After being very nervous and over packing… like usual. I had lunch then left for my flight out of Seatac. For being prepared for an overnight flight and sleeping, I did not sleep a wink. This was my first trip abroad and I just left for it completely alone. Luckily I sat next to a very nice gentlemen from France who was in Seattle for an Algae convention? He had a thick accent so lord knows what he does, all I know is he said it was difficult and they monitor how it grows.

For my first international flight, the amount of food served was almost ridiculous. Maybe it was the timing of my flight, but all I know is next time I won’t bother packing any in my carry-on. Well at least if I fly on Delta for International flights.

Once I got to my layover in Paris, I managed to get through customs. I really would like to tell you more on how to get through all of that. But, It was  a blur due to excitement and nerves. Although I do remember making the customs guy laugh over my pure excitement of receiving my first passport stamp.

After boarding my next flight from Paris to Munich, I fell asleep before we even took off and did not wake up till landing. I feel bad for the poor guy next to me, I think I fell asleep on his shoulder. Might of drooled, but who really knows. So if you are reading this, Im sorry for drooling on your shoulder.

After a full day of travel I arrived in Munich the afternoon of Day 2. If you would like to keep reading follow my link.

Day 2 Munich, Germany

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